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Precision Optical Equipment for Education and Industry

Educational Spectrometer

KI-003 USB spectrometer

Kent Instruments’ spectrometer kit is aimed at use in high-schools and universities as an aid to teaching optics and physics. Based on an uncrossed Czerny-Turner design, our spectrometer kit contains everything you need to build a working flat-field dispersive spectrometer capable of recording up to 8 spectra per second. The spectra are sent to a PC or laptop and displayed in real time using the software provided. The software also affords control over the integration time for each spectrum and allows multiple spectra to be averaged. Each spectrum comprises 1024 data points; adjacent data points can be averaged in order to apply smoothing.
The completed spectrometer is ideal for studying the light emitted from different light sources, such as LEDs, lasers, incandescent lamps or discharge tubes, and can illustrate the fundamental differences in how electrical energy generates photon release in different sources.


KI-003 USB Spectrometer Kit

The KI-003 is available for order £500/€600/$700 plus shipping and handling. 

Thin Film Measurement System

Non-contact film measurement

Kent Instruments is currently developing a non-contact thin film measurement system. For further information please use the contact form on 'Contact Us'.


Precision Optical Instrumentation

Design and manufacture.

Kent Instruments is a new company specialising in the development of precision optical equipment.

The technologies fundamental to our instrumentation come from our backgrounds in applied optics, spectroscopy, medical devices and the life sciences.


Kent Instruments is in the early stages of development of products in the following areas:

  • Spectroscopy in the visible and infrared.

  • Confocal microscopy.

  • Film thickness measurement.


We pride ourselves on finding innovative optical solutions to problems in the life sciences and will shortly be making announcements on new products under development. Please send any enquiries to


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